Wednesday, December 28, 2005


10. Rain. Wind. More rain. What happened to white?

9. I didn't get to see my extended family. Why?

8. See previous blogs. Pay close attention to the ones that have key words in it like Croup, Sick and Coughing up Lungs.

7. I contracted Influenza along with several other family members.

6. As a result.......I managed to get the worst Sinus Infection of my know, the kind that your whole face swells up and your teeth and jaw aches and you can't eat anything.

Oh, and it gets better......................................

5. The whole sick thing turned in to Pneumonia. Yep. You know that thing where the doctors take X-rays of your lungs and try to decide whether it's severe enough to hospitalize you. It's also the one where you would sell your soul to the Devil if he could bargain with God to PLEASE take you now.

4. Bubby's back went out.

3. The furnace went out (on a weekend) too. The stupid Christmas light guys left an empty garbage bag on our roof that then got sucked in to our duct system and screwed it up. Going without heat on a night of about 18 degrees in the dead of winter is not fun. Did I mention the whole family curled up on the floor in front of the fireplace to try and stay warm?

2. Marital disputes. See list 3-10 above.

1. The family has eaten nothing but canned soup and stale Christmas cookies for a week.

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