Friday, December 23, 2005


Have you ever been so sick that it physically hurts to move? Yep, that's me. My little fingertips are aching as I tap lightly on the keyboard. My head is going to explode and I'm so drugged up on cold medication that I can't even focus to wrap Christmas presents. Merry f&**%&g Christmas!

On a brighter note:

As I was literally CRAWLING slowly up the stairs last night.....sobbing because I hurt SO bad and I had to take care of the kids all day and Leroy has the Croup and a 104 temperature and Izzy is crying because his nose won't stop running....I thought to myself, "God I wish I had a T.V. in my bedroom. I just want to crawl under the covers, crank up the heat and zone to mindless television." God and Bubby heard my request.

Bubby left Christian to take care of me and took the other three out in the awful Christmas traffic at 8:00 at night and traveled across town to buy me a T.V. I'm thinking it will be one of those little ones. You know, the kind that has a VCR built in and has Mickey Mouse ears on it or is bright pink Barbie. I was pleasantly surprised when Bubby returned with a Monstrous T.V. for our unusually large master bedroom. It's perfect and I haven't left the bedroom all day.

Now Bubby has taken the kids to see The Chronicles of Narnia and I should be cleaning the house, wrapping presents, drinking hordes of Rum and Eggnog and getting ready for Christmas Eve. In reality I am blowing my nose every 28.3 seconds, coughing up my lungs and groaning as I watch Rachel Ray on the Food Channel.

Where was the bonus? Oh yeah........the T.V.

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