Thursday, December 01, 2005


Remember when I told you that the kids said they didn't want anything for Christmas? They must have been high on crack or just jerking my chain that day. Since then, Leroy has been writing letters to Santa every day.

First day: Leroy came to me with his original letter with a big hole in the center and everything crossed out. Leroy decided that he didn't want the two things on his list. Leroy then wrote a new list with 40 (yes, forty) toys listed on it. He spent all afternoon working on his list.

Day two: I explain to Leroy that writing a list to Santa with 40 toys on it would seem very greedy to Santa. Leroy should alter his list to just include two toys that he really wants.

Day three: Leroy comes to me with a list with two toys on it (not the original two), along with several supplemental lists to include in the envelope to the North Pole. Each piece of paper had approximately twenty toys listed on it.

Leroy tends to hyper-focus on things. He will continue to write lists every day until he feels Santa has heard his toy pleas. I will continue to send them to the North Pole. He is such a sweet boy. How could I resist such a simple request. Sigh........................

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