Thursday, December 01, 2005


One thing about my children that I am thankful for is their ability to deal with Izzy. Rarely, do they complain that Izzy is annoying. Amazing considering they have a two year old brother that wants to do EVERYTHING they do. Izzy cries when they go to school and often will cry during the day when he can't play with Tori or Christian on demand. Izzy misses his siblings and I know they miss him too. They are always so kind to him. They find him entertaining and funny and are always coming up with new games to keep him busy.

Last night was a hoot. Christian began the conversation like this:

Christian: "Mom, where's the doll that I was scared of when I was little?"

Me: "What doll?"

Christian: "You know, the one that wears makeup and acts like he's drunk or on drugs."

Me: "Oooohhhh! You mean Pee Wee Herman?"

Christian: "Yeah, that's the one!"

Me: "Why do you want Pee Wee?"

Christian: "I have a game that I thought me and Izzy could play. He's going to love it!"

And Izzy did............

Christian took the doll and propped him up on Izzy's car. Christian then proceeded to crash Pee Wee Herman down several steps on to the marble entry. Izzy found this so entertaining that he burst in to giggles so infectious that the three of us were lying on the ground holding our stomachs and crying tears of joy.

Christian and Izzy then devised all sorts of different positions for Pee Wee Herman on the car. Backwards, upside down, arms interlocked on the steering wheel. They also crashed Pee Wee in to every solid object in our living room, family room and kitchen. The entire time, bursting with laughter and enjoying one another's company. Pee Wee's smile never left his face.

I loved Pee Wee Herman's character! He was a symbol for silliness and adventure and innocence. Those three traits that my children possessed in a night of fun!

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