Monday, December 19, 2005


I can't even tell you how much Christian despises his little brother Leroy. It all revolves around sleeping. You see.....Christian likes to sleep. Leroy does not. Every night Leroy mercilessly bugs Christian while he tries to sleep. Every morning Leroy wakes Christian up.

Every day Christian begs for his own bedroom. Papa is NOT giving up his office.

A couple of days ago, on a weekend, Izzy had climbed in to our bed earlier and Bubby and I were just waking up. The baby monitor was on in the basement, and this is what we heard coming from the boys room.

Leroy: (singing Holly Jolly Christmas) "Ho Ho the mistletoe hung where you can see."


Leroy: "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. It's the best time of the year."


Leroy: "Ho Ho the mistletoe hung where you can see Christian."

(covers rustling)

Leroy: "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Christian. It's the best time of the year Christian."

(more covers rustling)

Leroy: "Ho Ho the mistletoe Christian."

(loud rustling sounds)

Leroy: "Ow..................OW!"


Then we heard Leroy coming up the stairs from the basement. Christian had whacked him a couple of good ones and Leroy realized Christian was not getting up to watch the early, early early Saturday morning cartoons.

Poor Christian..........

Now that Leroy has the Croup and he has to sleep with us for a couple of days, I understand the need to strangle the sweet little boy in his sleep.

I went to lay down with Leroy tonight and that's when the party started. After Leroy was flopping around like a fish out of water for what seemed like forever, he decided to hyper-focus on something. This is very typical for Asperger's kids and very annoying for the adults who care for them. This time it was Rat. Yes, Rat is our sweet little kitty that hides under our bed for 99.9% of it's sad little kitty life. It is a wild cat that is scared of everyone but me. Leroy decided that Rat was going to bite him after he fell asleep. Great.

After counting in my head to 64 (don't ask me why I chose this random number) about 13 times, I decided my tactic of comforting and reassuring was not working. I did what any sane and desperate mother would do late at night. I asked if he wanted some Christmas cookies and watch The Grinch on t.v.


Now I sympathize with Christian to the tenth degree. I'm contemplating adding on another room to our monstrous house or kicking Bubby out of the office.

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