Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Remember my post a few days ago? You know, the one that said Izzy had 104 temperature? Since then, we took Izzy to the doctor. The doctor said it was some kind of bug and it was contagious and it would take its course through the family. Ha! Not if I could help it.

Izzy is over it. The bug has now infected Tori (second time she has EVER been sick), Christian and most recently, Leroy. Leroy woke up screaming last night. Not really that unusual since he gets night terrors. But this screaming was WAY different. Leroy couldn't breathe. Leroy was panicking, and in turn....Mom and Dad were panicking too.

Bubby took him to the emergency room. We found out that Leroy has Croup. I wish Croup attacks on only my worst enemies. They are scary for child and for adult. Croup is some sort of infection in the throat that makes the area just below the larynx swell up. The child feels like he's dying and the parents are scanning their brains for that obscure course in child CPR.

All is well now. They gave Leroy a dose of steroids and sent him on his way. For the next few nights he needs to sleep with us in case any more attacks occurred since they are most common at night. When I mentioned to Leroy he would be sleeping with us, he said that he could have the Croup forever and just in case......he should always sleep with us. What a dolly.

This picture is of Leroy just hours before he ended up at the hospital. I told him he didn't have to smile for the picture. I just wanted to capture a photo of him being sick and not feeling well. Leroy smiled anyway. Always looking at the sunny side of life!

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