Friday, December 16, 2005


Hey! I've discovered the secret to getting a lot of people to read your blog and make comments about it. Skin. Lots and lots of skin.

I was wandering around blogland and discovered a blog called boredhousewife. Check it out if you want. It's a blog from a Mom in Utah that has twin school-age boys. The key to her blog success has obviously been taking pictures of her breasts. She never quite shows the nipples, however she likes to take pictures of herself in tight shirts without a bra and herself naked from the waist up, just cutting out the nipple part. She also likes to use words like orgasm, PMS, f*&k and BJ to get her readers attention. Obviously, most of her comments are from men. Hell, she's not even attractive in my opinion.

So I've chosen a picture of my breasts. Ok. I'm lying. These majambas are clearly not mine. But you never know, I may start getting more comments because of it!

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