Thursday, November 17, 2005


Have I mentioned how much Izzy loves playdough? Of course he would have to pick an obsession that rates an 8 on the mess factor. It gets underneath Izzy's fingernails, in his hair not to mention all over my floor.

Because Izzy is lonely during the day without his siblings to play with, Izzy has used his creative energy and now has an imaginary friend.

Her name is Looly.

She lives in the playdough container that Izzy calls her "crib."

She cries sometimes and needs a bottle.

At first, I thought this was so cute! My two year old has constructed a playdough blob as Looly and Looly's smaller playdough blob posing as a bottle (see second photo). As all parents believe, I was convinced that Izzy was a brilliant child. I immediately started comparing Izzy with Einstein and other highly intelligent individuals.

Now I'm ready to rescind that thought.........

Looly frequently needs to come out of her "crib" several times a day for more milk for her bottle. Looly sometimes cries and in turn, Izzy cries until she can come out of her "crib " to play. Looly comes out of her container to get squished, beheaded and re-shaped to the point of insanity for Mommy.

Next time Izzy asks for Looly, I'm going to calmly explain that Looly loves to go swimming. We will make a little swimming suit for sweet little Looly and then reminiscent of the old SNL Mr. Bill episodes, Looly will go swimming.

Right down the loo.............

Bye Bye Looly!

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