Friday, November 18, 2005


It's that time of the year folks. The time when the anticipation of Christmas is mixed with excitement and dread.

The beginning of "the countdown" starts today. The Way Down In Mayberry school takes a whole week off for Thanksgiving. That means starting at 2:45pm today, my children will have the next 9 days off. Since we are not traveling anywhere, that means that I have the next nine days to keep my little ones entertained and busy.

Bubby works the day before Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving. That makes for a very long nine days.......................

Bubby had a swell idea though. He suggested that I buy some craft kits for making Christmas ornaments and gifty things. After Bubby arrives home in the evenings, we can create some Christmas spirit with music, crafts and of course, some rum and eggnog for Mommy and Daddy.

My friend The Analyzer and I were talking the other day about the dread of the Holidays. With small children, everything is so much work......the gingerbread house, or making dozens upon dozens of cookies, trimming the tree, Christmas performances at school blah blah blah. Every task becomes daunting.

So when Bubby suggested we take time as a family in November and get a jump-start on the Christmas craziness, I was thankful. Thankful for a husband that appreciates traditions and is willing to take the time and ENERGY to help make them happen.

It's a lot of work.........but SO worth it!

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Anonymous said...

and MeMa can see all the finished projects when I return