Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I was high on crack the day I thought to myself......."Five children, that's not so bad. I love kids." And you know, five children are really quite manageable when they are healthy. Things are chaotic. Life is stressful. But you get used to a level of insanity and things move along.

Izzy is pretty much potty-trained. Not bad for 2 years 5 months. He's now asking to go potty in public. That's a good thing. Within two days of success, Izzy has diarrhea so bad that I'm changing his diapers (yes, I had to return to diapers) every 10 minutes. That's a bad thing.

The real kicker people is that toddlers don't know when they are going to throw-up. One minute they are jumping on the couch, the next minute they are barfing in your shoes. That's a really bad thing.

This especially brings joy to my pathetic little life while I'm battling my own sick/viral thing. Whhhaaa whaaa! Poor tallulah.

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Anonymous said...

You too will weather the storm. Poor Izzy----at least YOU know what's wrong. He just knows that he is not feeling like he normally does.