Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I never said I was a perfect Mom............

Some days I walk around with my fingers in my ears saying, "Nununununnnnnnunun, I'm not listening." Other days I put my blinders on and just refuse to see what horrid things my children are scheming. And if you say you have no idea what I'm talking about.......well, I'm calling you a big fat liar.

Bubby and I decided to go the cold turkey route with Izzy. Starting November 1st, no more bottles and no more Mommy and Daddy's bed. Really, is there any other way? When people quit drinking or doing drugs, do they decide to just cut back on one or two a day? Sure they do, when they are fooling themselves. But when they are ready, it's rehab time! Well just think of the Hall house as Rehab Central. One of those picturesque places surrounded by beautiful trees nestled on a hilly slope somewhere. Behind those calmly looking gates are rooms with rubber walls and the Gestapo for a staff. Yup, that's our house.

Poor Izzy has gone in to shock. He really has no idea what hit him. Mama and Papa told him we gave his bottles away to babies that need them. We told him that he's a big boy now and has to sleep in his own bed. And I kid you not that he shouts back with this response......"BUT I'M THE BABY!"

Oh Lord........tough love is not easy.


The Analyzer said...

Went that well huh? Keep is up Gestapo Lady!

Anonymous said...

Tell Izzy that Me-ma loves him. And tomorrow is Thursday --- a train?