Thursday, November 03, 2005


The logistics of having children sleeping on different levels of the house puts us in a quandary most nights. So we have a baby monitor set up in the basement so we can hear the kids at night. Leroy has night terrors and we need to make sure he is okay.

For the same reason that baby monitors drive new Mom's crazy as they listen for every breath exhaled from their newborn, the monitor drives me insane at night. I can hear every rustle of Christian and Leroy's covers. I listen to every sigh, snore and sniffle. All the while Bubby is resting peacefully in a coma-induced slumber.

At 3:15am this morning, after taking Izzy back to his bed, I asked Bubby to turn down the monitor. Bubby said, "If I turn it down, I won't be able to hear them if something is wrong". Just then, Christian let out a puny little cough. Bubby then said, "Don't you want to know when one of the kids are coughing?" After a




I answered, "" Then I promptly fell back to sleep. Bubby may just rise to sainthood with his need to protect the children and make sure they are okay. Me? I'm disassembling that damn monitor as I type. Bubby will wonder what's wrong tonight as he slips in to bed and turns the contraption on. Little does he know that I've been cutting wires and taking out major components. Yeh, I know it's sabotage. But the thought of the next few nights without listening to my children sleep is as close to Paradise as one can get.

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