Friday, November 04, 2005


This is a picture of Bubby and I with Izzy before the adult Halloween Party Way Down in Mayberry. As soon as Bubby came down the stairs, Izzy couldn't stop hugging him. It appeared that Izzy was much more comfortable squeezing and giving loves to a black shrouded monster that had glowing red eyes than he did with his Papa in Dockers. Hmmmm........

A couple of major disappointments happened to my costume this year:

A. My custom-fit dentured fang teeth didn't fit due to all of the cosmetic work I've had done on my teeth this year. I didn't discover this until a couple of hours before the event. As a result, I went as a Geisha girl instead of a Vampire Geisha girl. I'm so depressed.

B. My Zorries (you know, those black and wooden thong-like shoes) broke while I was at the party. The party was held in a barn and my feet were frozen popsicles.

C. I am realizing as I continue to age that white pancake makeup is not the best thing for my face. It shows every wrinkle (okay, child-induced deep crevice) on my face. Instead of looking like a 30 something Geisha.....I clearly looked 50. Even more depressing.

And here's the most depressing part of all........a sign that I'm really getting old and maybe I should just buy a package of Depends and start looking for retirement homes; Bubby and I were home by 10:30pm. Huh? Yes people. That was no typo. I was tired and my feet and body were cold and there wasn't any good food to eat (yes, there was food....but you know about my food snobbery).

I have turned in to a Fuddy Dud. Please.......just shoot me now.

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ElleStarr said...

Neither Mason or Cutter would believe this is a photo of you, because, and I quote, "Mrs. All never looks that scary in person!"