Friday, October 21, 2005


There's something going on Way Down Here in Mayberry.......

I first noticed after moving to Mayberry that all visiting children took their shoes off at the door or entry of our home when they came in to play with our children. Hmm.....odd I thought, but certainly polite.

Then I started thinking about it........
Does everyone want guests to take their shoes off at the door? I certainly don't want my guests taking their shoes off (unless they really wanted to). There is nothing on the bottom of their feet that isn't all ready on our carpet, wood floors, tile or marble from our four kids and seven animals.
How rude have I been visiting all of my Mayberry neighbors and not removing my shoes at the door? Have I been the equivalent of a social pariah and have not even been aware of it? Will I ever be invited to another home again?

Now I've become quite paranoid about my children taking their shoes off at other people's houses. When Christian goes over to little Johnny's house, I'm always yelling out the door "Don't forget to take your shoes off!" The last thing I want are the biddy women in their sewing circle talking about how rude my kids are. I can see them now......"Did you see Tori the other day? She just walked right in to my home and tromped through my house with her shoes on. Doesn't that Tallulah teach her ratty little monsters any manners? AND the housekeeper had just left! The nerve!"

Just chalk this up as one more thing I have to worry about on a daily basis. Swell.


Anonymous said...

Getting my carpets cleaned next Wednesday and-----------lol

Anonymous said...

Tallulah, Now come on, you have known this some time... I just think that you didn't realize that straight couple ALSO remove shoes in their homes! Just chalk it up to one more thing that we have influenced into straight society!
"Removing your shoes... it's not just for gays anymore!" Kendoll