Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I just realized that my fifteen year anniversary is in two days. The realization did not come to me naturally. MeMa and I were at lunch when she said, "Isn't your Anniversary on Thursday?" "Yes." I said proudly, and thinking to myself what a dimwit I am for forgetting.

True. Bubby and I just got back from Italy. It is our Birthdays and Anniversary all rolled in to one vacation. But I would have completely forgotten the day all together had it not been for my Mother apologizing that she doesn't have a "Happy Anniversary" card in the mail yet. Yup, I'm pretty damn pathetic.

And as I ponder how in the hell I've gotten through fifteen years of marriage, I wonder what I will tell my children now and as they get older. Our eldest son who will be 20 in January just announced that he is engaged. How do you tell someone that is so in love with another that they are too young for that kind of commitment? How do you tell them that you were too young when you got married? How do you tell them that marriage is wonderful and strange and the hardest work you will EVER do in your life?

You don't. You smile and congratulate, wish them all of the luck in the world, and hope and pray that they have what it takes to have a life long commitment to one another. You trust that your leading by example all of those years can help in happy and not so happy times for their marriage.

So Happy Anniversary Bubby! It has been wonderful and strange and the hardest work I've have EVER done. The next fifteen years? Bring it on!

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ElleStarr said...

15? Wow! What, did you two get married when you were 18? You both look so young...... Good luck on the next 15.