Monday, October 17, 2005


I knew when I went to Italy, Izzy would be in a state of shock. I knew the kids would be traumatized by their temporary mayhem. Now Izzy is making us ALL pay.

Before I left, Izzy rarely cried. Unless there was a major bonk to the head, Izzy liked to scream in very short bursts of ear-piercing decibels to get your attention. look at him funny and the crocodile tears start streaming down his face.

Before I left, Izzy used the "Big Boy Potty" all the time at home. I only put a diaper on him when we left to go somewhere. Now......he refuses to go to the potty and chooses the floor for a bathroom instead.

Before I left, Izzy was sleeping in his own bed. Now.......he is attached to me like super-glue at bedtime.

Before I left, Izzy was down to one night-time bottle. Now he screams several times a day for a "hot bottle."

I have been guilt-ridden since returning home at seeing such huge negative behavioral changes in just two weeks. This is my penance for self-indulgence. Now I must begin the training of a two-year old again before he becomes the neighborhood bully.

Wish me luck..................

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