Thursday, September 08, 2005


We have had our share of lying at the Hall house lately. Tori is becoming Queen of sneaking and lying. She can't be trusted.

This morning Bubby found a package that we had in our master bedroom closet unwrapped. It's contents neatly put back in its box and the wrapping paper so delicately re-taped to the package. Hmmmm................ yesterday, someone was very naughty, but who?

Tori was left home for an hour by herself.
Leroy took a shower in our bathroom.

Leroy is new to lying. He's not very good at it and he can't help but cracking a smile when he tries to lie. Maybe he's been taking lessons from his sister and has moved up the lying ladder.

Tori has lying down to a science and can weasel her way out of any situation quite successfully. Who do we believe?

Bubby has decided to punish them both. That way we cover all of our bases and maybe one will fess up. Highly unlikely........but maybe. I'll keep you posted.

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