Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Bubby bought me this really cool apple-green Ipod with the name "tallulah" engraved in it. Then Bubby loaded my new "Learn Italian In Ten Days" CD's on to my Ipod along with 900 of my favorite songs. I'm feeling very hip and with it.

Yesterday I started my Italian speaking courses. I'm afraid I may need ten months to learn Italian instead of ten days. The narrator comes on the CD and speaks in a deep, soothing voice. He says to pick a time to learn Italian when you are alert and at your best for learning. I tried four different times yesterday to make it through the first of ten CD's without success. I either:

A. Fell asleep

B. Got interrupted for the umpteenth time by a toddler wanting attention.

I've devised a plan..........learn a few key phrases that will assist me in Italy and just walk around aimlessly the other 99% of the time like a dumb American.

1. "I don't speak Italian."
2. "Where is the bathroom?"
3. "I want some wine."

I figure with these three phrases, I can pretty much enjoy my vacation in Italy. I have a new wardrobe and a pocketful of money. Really, do you need much more?

If there's anyone out in blogland that has been to Italy that knows of any other key phrases that might be of assistance, please leave me a comment. I would love to know if there could be a few that I'm overlooking.

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