Friday, September 02, 2005


A couple of weeks ago, I caught Tori and her friend in a lie. I had taken Izzy for a walk around the neighborhood of Mayberry. When we came home, I smelled something burning. After I inquired about the smell and after I had two ten year olds look at me with their innocent little faces and deny the charge.....I found burned matches in the sink. BUSTED! Tori has been on restriction ever since and just found freedom on Monday.

By Wednesday evening, Tori has found herself on a brand new level of restriction. A restriction so severe, she may never leave the house again.

I woke up at 2am smelling smoke. "Hmmmmm....." I thought. "There must be a fire in the foothills." After I went outside and breathed in the fresh, clean, cold air, I returned to the house and starting inspecting every appliance. Nope, all were off. I scanned the whole house except for the kids bedrooms. I then woke up Bubby who went sniffing and searching around. When Bubby opened Tori's door, a cloud of smoke came billowing out. After grabbing Tori and removing her from the room fearing carbon monoxide poisoning, he found the culprit. Tori had turned on her Suzie Bake Oven three days ago, stuffed it under her bed surrounded by papers and trash and left it.

Bubby's first thought was........"Why didn't the fire alarms work?"
My first thought was......"What the hell was she cooking?"
Christian's first thought was........"I am SO happy! Tori is in so much trouble."
Leroy's first thought was......"Huh?"
Tori's first thought was......"I am never leaving this house again."

Tori is right. She may never have a social life until college.

You see, we have been through this whole fire thing before. Our eldest son Ice J, decided to play with matches when he was five. He burned down our neighbors entire fence line of bushes. I wasn't home at the time. When I returned from work, I mentioned to Bubby that it smelled like marijuana outside. ", Ice J burned down half of our neighbors yard, the fire department just left." I think I would rather have Ice J be smoking a doobie at five.

Now we have our next child in line. Just begging to be a Pyromaniac like her older brother.
That's just great. By the time we get to Izzy, who knows how many residences will be destroyed. But since I'm the "glass is half full" kind of gal, if anything positive came out of this experience is that the carpet that we so desperately wanted to replace in the basement now has smoke damage. Thanks to our insurance company, we get brand new carpet!


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Just caught up with my blogger friends! Whew. Does the fun and excitment ever end. Nope. New shoes (Izzy), colonics and new carpeting...all good things! xogeezette