Saturday, September 03, 2005


Is it just me? Here are some of the things I've heard lately.................

Bubby: "I wish I had as much gray hair as you do."

Izzy: "Look at my penis. Look at my penis. Look at my penis."
Me: "Yes, Jesse. That's your penis."
Izzy: "Penis. Peanuts. That rhymes."

(trying to find the doctor's office on the 2nd floor of a hospital)
Bubby: "We are looking for Dr. BlahBlah's office"
Person behind counter: "I think that's on the other side of the hospital near emergency."
Bubby: "Can we get to that office from the second floor?"
PBC: "Oh, sure! Just take the elevator down to the first floor. Take a left, a right, another right and then get on the elevator and take it up to the 2nd floor."

The Analyzer: "My friend Tallulah is quirky. The new kind of crazy."

Leroy: "Got kamolee"
Me: "What Leroy?"
Leroy: "Got kamolee"
Me: "What?"
Leroy: "Never mind. You don't understand."

Izzy: (singing to a tune) "I love pussy. I love pussy. I love pussy."
Me: "Excuse me? You love what?"
Izzy: (pronouncing it very slowly) ""
Me: "Did Papa teach you that?"
Izzy: "No, Thomas the Train."
Izzy was trying to say PERCY not pussy. We will have to work on his Rrrrrs.

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