Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Yesterday I braved the mall with MeMa and Izzy. MeMa was purchasing a new and expensive pair of shoes for Izzy, so I thought I should be a good sport and come along. I really do not enjoy shopping unless:

A. I'm in another city and there are gads of boutiques.

B. I'm shopping online. I love the point/click method.

Izzy was a saint at the mall. He was quiet and well-behaved. He spoke with strangers when they approached him and played the cute factor. I brought him home for a nap which he went down without complaint. I was really thinking what a beautiful, easy day it was. I should never get too cheeky........

After nap, the kids arrived home from school and that's when the two hours of helping with homework starts. Izzy woke up and was a bear. Nothing was going his way and at the ripe old age of two, he was insistent that things turn around.

Izzy's crying started and I was holding him and hugging him as huge crocodile tears stained his sweet little sticky face. Izzy buried his head in to my chest and then to my surprise.....HE BIT ME.....HARD! After I peeled his face from my breast, he was just as surprised as I was that he had hurt his Mommy. Oh....he cried, I cried and I still have the bite marks to prove it. All was forgiven and his demeanor improved.................until dinner.

As Izzy was shoveling spaghetti into his mouth while sitting on my lap naked (the potty training thing), I felt something hot and wet between my legs. Now, I must say there are very pleasant things in life that can be hot and wet in between my legs, unfortunately....... this was not one of them. Izzy was peeing all over me......in buckets. This is so unlike him! Izzy always uses the potty at home. This regression was more than I could handle.

I promptly put Izzy down, went upstairs as the other children were laughing hysterically, took a shower, grabbed my purse and went to a movie. Boy, am I glad I did. I went and saw RED EYE. It's a non-stop thriller that has people squirming in their seats. I, more than anything enjoyed the eye candy. Cillian Murphy to be specific. In the movie he was a bad guy but the whole time I'm thinking, "Couldn't the other actress just give him a chance....sure he's evil and he's going to have her Father killed, but my God! How could you resist that man?" There was one scene where Cillian throws the actress in to a bathroom aboard a plane. He's roughing her up in a sexy sort of way because she was disobedient and he was threatening her. "Why couldn't he rough me up?" I thought. "I've been bad."

So the movie was just the dose of medicine I needed. I got to be scared out of my wits. I was able to fantasize about my new favorite actor. My kids were spared the wrath of Mommy.

It's all good.


The Analyzer said...

It's like Ranger, only in a bad sort of way, and by bad I mean the good-bad sort of bad.

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