Thursday, August 25, 2005

GRIPE #241

Late people chap my ass.

When I was growing up, my Mom always made sure we were early or on time. We NEVER attended anything late. It would have taken a rollover in our car or a nuclear bomb for us to not be somewhere on time.........even then, my Mom would have called to say we were running behind schedule!

When I talk about late people, it's not the ones that are say 5 or 10 minutes late to meet for coffee or show up fashionably late to a party. I'm talking about the people that KNOW you are waiting for them to start a project, meeting or lunch. People that say they are going to be at a CERTAIN PLACE at a CERTAIN TIME and show up 20,30 minutes or even two hours late.

I've had friends in the past that literally say, "I'll drop by your house at 8:00 for drinks and appetizers" and then not show up until 10:00. No phone call, no nothing. Then they show up with a look like they don't know what's wrong and where's the food? Needless to say, these people are not on my hang out with list anymore. Egregious behavior like that has no place in my life.

Unfortunately, we must deal with people in our daily lives that are late whether they are our friends or not. When I managed, I had to fire people that were always late. Most recently, at a food co-op swap, we were supposed to meet at a friends house at a specified time to swap the dinner meals. This should take maybe five minutes max. and then you can be on your way. One of the members was 20 minutes late without a phone call. My two older kids were home alone and my other child was bored to tears and behaving badly. Even the host had to leave and pick up her son from school. The host wasn't even there at her own home when the late food swapper arrived. Completely unacceptable. But what do you do?

A. Stew about it.

B. Fuggetaboutit.

C. Tell the person that their behavior has affected your schedule in a negative way.

D. Give the person dirty looks and the cold shoulder.

What do you think?


Kendoll said...

Amen Sister!!! This is my own personal pet peve as well. I always knew we were alike (well, except for our taste in

I say YELL at the bastards to get a clue and a WATCH!!!!!


the analyzer said...

I say kick horribly late person from food co-op and let me take their place!

Anonymous said...

I agree, tell them that being late is not acceptable, and that you found another family to take their place. Maybe they'll learn from this lesson.

Anonymous said...

being the forgiven sort, I say give them "JUST ONE MORE TIME"
(however, if their food is realllly good, give them two.)