Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Our cat Quasimodo is a lover. He's not clingy but when he wants some attention, he will usually lay on your head or jump from an object to the back of your shoulders. When Quasi wants some lovin', your not escaping his clutches.

Yesterday I was laying down with Izzy to take a nap. Quasimodo jumps on the bed on to my chest and then starts purring like a pigeon, kneading my chest with his amputated little toes. Unfortunately, Quasi's loves do not stop there. This is when my kitty starts drooling.....excessively. From what I have read, cats that are purring that forget to swallow end up with excess saliva........hence, the drool all over my shirt. Izzy thought this was utterly fascinating and could not stop laughing. I explained to Izzy that when Quasimodo is happy, he drools. Izzy thought this was even more funny and was shrieking with delight.

After I had removed Quasi and calmed Izzy down, Izzy snuggled under my arm to drift off to a peaceful slumber. After about five minutes I feel a wet drizzle running down the inside of my arm. When I look down, Izzy looks up at me with his beautiful green eyes and mutters with a dreamy smile "I'm happy." before falling off to sleep.

Apparently Izzy thinks that saliva is a new and appropriate way to show affection and let a person know that you are happy. Although kind of disgusting, his loving gesture filled up my sometimes cold and empty heart. I was overflowing with a renewed love for my little one. Izzy curling up under my arm, drooling and drifting off to sleep. Knowing the love and happiness from my little Izzy came from mimicking our cat.

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