Monday, August 15, 2005


I was out running errands today. It was so unlike me to drop by Petsmart and pick up kitty litter for Bubby. I really need to learn to be more kind and giving, so I thought by traveling all the way on the other side of town so that Bubby wouldn't have to would be near sainthood in my marriage.

On our way out, Tori wanted to look at all of the cute little kittens up for adoption. There were 12 cages full of adorable little kittens......all except one that is. That's where Andy was. A grown cat (ragdoll if you are familiar with the breed) lying on his back looking at me upside down. As I approached his cage, he put one paw outside of the cage (still upside down) to touch my hand. We instantly had a connection. Andy proceeded to purr and rub up against the cage and did everything in his little kitty brain to try and sucker me in to taking him home.

I've always liked the name Andy. Bubby is writing a screenplay named Andy. And there he was, Andy the cat....begging me to save him from the needle. Purring like a pigeon and promising me to be the best pet a girl could have. It was meant to be.

Then reality started to set in. Bubby would have my head and the other five cats would go in to kitty shock. I knew that I couldn't bring Andy home and I cried anyways. I cried because I can't save every animal in this world. I cried because the kids would have loved this one year old playful cat compared to our boring geriatric cats. I cried knowing that Andy and I had a connection that would never be more than those few minutes. Andy, all alone in a cage.......wanting a family and never having one.

I'm sorry Andy.

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