Tuesday, August 16, 2005


MeMa is a little nervous about me going to Italy. Ok..........a lot nervous. When I was growing up, MeMa was the type of Mom who never would consider going anywhere overnight without her children, let alone abandon them for two weeks.

MeMa will be watching the children five out of the fourteen days we will be gone. The other nine days, Bubby's sister Sally will be staying at the house. Sally is a no-nonsense kind of gal. She has two children of her own. Sally's children were always on sleeping & eating schedules, were potty-trained early, and weaned of the bottle before two. Oh boy.........Sally is going to have her work cut out for her.

MeMa's worried about Prince Izzy. Izzy is MeMa's little grand baby that she loves more than life. "Who will hold his toes? Is Sally going to put him in your bed to sleep? Will Sally let him scream instead of giving him a bottle? Does Sally spank? Sally goes to bed early, Izzy doesn't go to sleep until late......what are you going to do Tallulah?"

This is my response to MeMa......."What do I care, I'm going to be in Italy." MeMa doesn't like this response and I'm sure she thinks I'm the anti-Christ of Moms. I know she is seething and wondering how in god's name could she have raised a heartless daughter like this.

But the truth is this.......
If Izzy screams the entire time I'm gone, he's still going to be okay. Sally loves him and will play with him and take care of him. And if I'm really lucky, by the time I return Izzy will be potty-trained, weaned of the bottle, go to bed in his own bed at 8pm and sleep till 8am. And if I really hit the lottery, Izzy will have forgotten about his obsession with toes and having me hold them.

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