Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Senior Citizens are famous for rising from their slumber at an early hour. They wake up early, sometimes before dawn and retire early in the evening after the 10:00 news.

Something has been desperately wrong with my body clock lately. I go to sleep between 11pm and midnight. At about 2:30am my eyes pop open and I'm awake until 4-4:30am. I could actually accept this new change in my life if it wasn't for the whole "take-care-of-children-scrub-the-house-run-errands" thing that consumes my waking hours.

I think about nothing in particular while I'm awake. I used to just lie in bed and repeat a boring mantra to try to drift off to sleep. That didn't work. Now I get up and walk around the house, read, write grocery lists.....whatever. I often wonder if I awake at that hour because it is SO QUIET. Blissfully so.

So for now, I walk around like a Zombie. I wonder if I will ever get back on my normal sleeping schedule again or if this is just the first of many steps toward getting older and losing sacred Seratonin. It's only 8:00 in the morning and I think I need a nap...........

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