Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Some people don't like being surprised. I DO! Being surprised means someone took the time to think about me and then be sneaky to hide their surprise. Sometimes my kids will surprise me with a picture they drew or a nice note they wrote. I even like being surprised while I'm in the shower. Bubby will use the key to unlock the door and pop out from around the corner. There's nothing like a good scream to clear out your lungs.

October marks the 15th anniversary of my marriage. I never knew that I could be married to the same person for that many years! It is a good thing. I couldn't have asked for a more patient husband while I took the last fifteen years to grow up.

Well I found out Bubby has been trying to surprise me with a trip to Italy. His Dad is traveling there in the Sept./Oct. time frame and asked us to join he and his wife. Grandpa is fluent in the language and travels there several times a year. We would have our own personal guide of where to go, what to see, and someone that speaks the language to boot! I have wanted to go forever. Five years ago, his family had a family reunion in Italy. I was planning on going, but we had just adopted two children and their adoptions weren't final yet.....I couldn't leave the country.

The logistics of Italy became more difficult for Bubby when it came time for childcare. The kids are in school, one toddler at home and still seven animals and a house to look after. Bubby was going to fly a relative in to watch the little monsters, but a family issue came up and they are unable to. MeMa lives in town, but all the children and pets is a lot to handle for 12 days. MeMa's nerves would be shot. He didn't want to burden her. Did I have any brainstorming suggestions for childcare?


Well we could

How won't work..........................



So after much angst, Bubby let me know that SURPRISE! I was planning a trip to Italy and SURPRISE! we are not going. It's kind of like the good news/bad news scenario. BAD: We are not going on a terrific anniversary vacation. GOOD: Bubby spent all this time and energy trying to surprise me. I appreciate his intentions and I'm so grateful that I have someone in my life that wants to do something special for me.

It really doesn't matter if we go to Italy or not in October. I will get there one day. Only sixteen years until Izzy is an adult. I'll only be 53. I'll be a well-seasoned adult. Maybe I could learn Italian between now and then. Look at how much money we will save.

In the meantime, I've got the best husband a woman could have by her side. A man that's always up for a good surprise!

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Anonymous said...

You have got to go NOW! If you don't do it now, it'll be years before the opportunity arrives. Find a good place to bring the dogs to (a kennel), hire a teenager to help your mother out after school and the weekend. You'll have a great restful time!