Sunday, July 31, 2005


I've never understood "breast enhancements". What's up with making a part of your body larger? I know what's, media, insecure women, blah blah blah.

First - Men
For some god forsaken reason, there is a fair share of men out there who love large-breasted women. Okay, fine. Whatever turns them on.

Second - Women
I blame most of this on them. Who would cut in to a healthy body to enlarge a portion of their body designed to feed hungry babies just to please men? Insecure women, that's who. It's their modern-day version of a blow-up doll.

Third - Media
From Barbie to Pamela Anderson. This is what girls see (from a very young age), and strive to attain. If genetics aren't there, you can always pump your body full of saline or other foreign materials to attract a man....or keep one for that matter.

It's very primal. Man wants to procreate the world. Woman wants to attract the best man to procreate. Scary that it's that simple.

Well lately, I've had my fair share at staring at perky breasts Way Down In Mayberry at our pool. I wish I had the guts to just walk up to a woman and ask her why in God's name would she do this to her body? But it is fairly evident without asking the details. She wanted to attract a man, she wanted to keep a man, or she wanted to keep up with what society says she should look like.

Very sad...........

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