Thursday, July 28, 2005


I have visions of killing the Ice Cream Man. I feel I must purchase one of the really cool sniper guns that I can point out my second story window.


Okay. Okay. That is a little harsh, but I HAVE HAD IT with the Ice Cream Man (who is really a woman). I swear this person has a global tracking device to determine when Izzy has stopped moving (a.k.a. naptime). At this point, the Ice Cream Man turns on his LOUD, annoying music and meanders through Mayberry. More naps have been spoiled and more tears have been shed by all of the children in this household due to that damn Ice Cream Truck.

Usually about once a week I let the kids purchase an over-priced ice cream from the Ice Cream Man. They spend their own money (see LEMONADE STAND blog)and are happy to hand it over for a tweety bird or rocket shaped ice cream.

Last night, I gave the okay and off the kids go tearing through Mayberry in search of the aggravating music blaring through the speakers. I had to snatch up Izzy (who was naked) before he ran out in to the street chasing after his siblings. That's when the tears started. So we clothed Izzy and put him in the stroller to take a walk and find the Ice Cream Man. We finally found the Ice Cream Man......going about 40 miles an hour on Mayberry street, headed out of the neighborhood. Poor Leroy. He ran three blocks screaming at the top of his lungs..."Ice Cream Man! Ice Cream Man! Then Leroy started crying. I don't blame him. He had money burning a hole in his pocket for a bright blue Power Ranger ice cream with gumball eyes. Leroy had just sprinted three blocks for no reason. Then Izzy started crying..."Ice Weem Man" and the tears started flowing. Two crying, two to go.

Thankfully, the older two and the little one were fine enough to go home and pick out a frozen treat from our freezer packed with ice cream and popsicles. Leroy on the other hand......crushed. He was so sad that he boycotted an ice cream from home. If it wasn't a treat from the Ice Cream Man, he wanted nothing.

After all of this Ice Cream Man angst, now you know why I'm applying for my concealed weapons permit.

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Anonymous said...

I do remember another age where a little girl screamed until the ice cream man stopped at her house. Like mother like children.