Wednesday, July 27, 2005


It's been a long week....and it's only Wednesday.

Monday started out gloriously. I woke up to see a beautiful, leather, funky green and pink purse on my doorstep. My friend Goity here in Mayberry thought I would like it. She was right, I love it! Then things started going wrong....terribly wrong.

My reliable Toyota van broke down, my in-house vacuuming system shut down and the CPU on my computer totally went dead. Did I mention our very nice video camera broke a couple of weeks ago too?

It's been two days and the only thing that is now working is the vacuuming system. This is not good. (boo hoo, gasp, sob) When things that I use on a daily basis go bye-bye, I realize how delicate my sanity really is.

Why must everything go at once? I could handle things much more appropriately if it were a little at a time. I need calm. I need Zen. I need a vacation.

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