Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Have you ever heard of Euphori-Lock? That Ben & Jerry's company has got it going on! They have developed a lock to attach to your ice cream to keep roommates, or in my case.... greedy little monsters out of your most prized freezer delectable. You attach the two-piece device to your ice cream container, punch in a code and the ice cream is all yours. Booowaaahaahaahaahaa! (evil laugh)

The other day, Bubby brought me home some Ben & Jerry's. Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia. I rarely eat ice cream and it is such a treat when I do. I couldn't help but salivate when imagining myself savoring them later on that night......AFTER the kids were in bed.

After dinner, Leroy asked for some ice cream. Bubby said no, that this was my ice cream he bought me for a treat. Leroy then asked 347 more times if he could have some ice cream. I'm not kidding with the number of times Leroy asked. Once Leroy obsesses about something, that's it. So after the guilt factor set in, and I thought about sharing and leading by example blah blah blah, I gave in. I then begrudgingly doled out six servings of Ben & Jerry's. Guess what? Two cartons, gone in the blink of an eye.

I'm definitely investing in Euphori-Lock for this house. I want my ice cream. The kids can have the Costco brand with the artificial flavors. I want Ben & Jerry's all to myself.

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