Friday, July 08, 2005


I went to book club last night. Drank wine, had lovely conversations and had a great time.

When I arrived home at 10:10 pm, there was a note on the table:


So I walked down to the pool to watch the kids swim. The kids have been bugging Bubby for weeks to take them down at night. The pool has these cool lights in the water that change colors. What more could a child want but to swim in a really "cool" pool on a hot summer evening.

I should have stayed home.

When I arrived, Bubby was talking on his cell long distance with his Mom. I just happened to arrive the same time the woman in charge of closing up the pool arrived. Boy, was she an unhappy person! I got to be the brunt of her anger last night and unfairly at that!

First she, (I will call her Hilda in Mayberry) started telling my kids they had five minutes before they had to leave. I then told Hilda that no, they actually had ten minutes before the pool closed. Then Leroy started yelling about something and then Hilda had the nerve to start shushing my kids. Yup. A total stranger was telling my kids to shut up because there are babies sleeping in the neighborhood. For Christ sakes Hilda, they are at a pool. Aren't kids supposed to be able to have fun at a pool? Supposedly there is a "quiet time" rule after 9:00 PM. Quiet time? At a pool?

Here are my suggestions. As if anyone cares.....

1. Change the hours the pool is open. Close it down at 9:00.
2. Change the rules to "adult swim only" after 9:00.
3. Tell the residents that bought their expensive homes next to the pool that they are SOL. Tell them their complaints are being heard to deaf ears because pools are loud.
4. Stop shushing my children Hilda or we will be there every night with horns and party poppers until 10:30. You think I'm kidding. I'm not.

I know this doesn't sound like a big deal. It's probably not. But I really do not enjoy being shushed and my children being lied to on what time it is. I think it is especially difficult because I always seem to be the rule follower at the pool. I'm telling other people's children to stop rough-housing or diving in to the pool. I pick up other people's food trash and always have my kids take showers and use the bathroom BEFORE they get in the pool.

Now I (and my evil children) have been labeled the bad pool people in Mayberry. I guess there are worse labels.

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Mayberry Neighbor said...

Oh ohoh! Please call me next time so I can come down and watch the fireworks! It's such a pleasure to watch someone else's children being shushed and shunned!