Thursday, November 05, 2009


Halloween was low-key this year. I didn't dress up. I didn't decorate the outside of the house. I for the first time in my life, was not in to Halloween. Maybe this is a sign from the gods that I'm getting old.

If I haven't mentioned it before, people come in droves to trick-or-treat Way Down In Mayberry. They bus the kids in for christs sake! But there was a new thing that I witnessed this year in the trick-or-treating venue that I have not been familiar with before. ADULTS TRICK OR TREATING! These were not the grown-ups that dressed up along with their kids for a night out of fun.... These were adults that dressed up and went door to door with a little plastic pumpkin in hand. In fact, one adult looked very similar to the man below.

The only difference is the guy that was in my neighborhood was about 40, bald and skipped the t-shirt. The man dressed up like a baby and asked the neighbors for candy! Was he high?


So I shall share some photographs of the evening:

Scary enough for you?


kate said...

What?! Adults trick or treating? That's not allowed!

Jodi said...

I about pissed my pants when that guy came to my door with his little bucket. What the hell? Did you give him candy? I did! I thought about it after he left and should have ripped the velcro off his diaper and told him to go home and act like an adult.


The Girl Next Door said...

Yeah, I got past the adult thing about 2 years ago! Now I just stare at them toss them the crap candy and move on to the kids! lol

Loving all your kiddos costumes though! Babygirl's picture looks so pretty..and creepy all in one! LOL