Monday, October 19, 2009


So life has been giving my share of whoop-ass lately. I'm not complaining. But to help you understand how out of it I've been lately, I share with you the following conversation that I had with my mother this weekend.......

MeMa: "Do you and Bubby want to go out Tuesday night?"

Me: "Huh?"

MeMa: "Well, I just thought if the two of you wanted to go out, I'll watch the kids."

Me: "Tuesday?"

MeMa: "Um,'s your 19th year anniversary."

Me: "It is? Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that."

So in between all of the crap that has been consuming my life, I forgot about my anniversary. Sorry Bubby!

I thought I might share some positive photos of what has been going on since August. Just thought I might let you know that all has not been lost........

Kiki and I have been doing a lot of canning. We canned peaches, salsas, jellies, chutneys and just about anything we could find a recipe for that used up the hundreds of pounds of tomatoes coming from our gardens. We have been enjoying nature here at tallulah's house complete with rainbows, orb weaver spiders and tree frogs that we like to stick on our windows.The Pizza Pope and his minion came to visit. That was nice.

It's been especially pleasant watching my evil kitten Clarice tear up my million-count sheets and my leather furniture.

I've been making a lot of soap for a Bazaar coming up in November. I figure between all of the canning and soaps that have been produced, I'll be fat and clean all winter long.

And when the pressure gets too much. When I really have felt like taking a knife to my wrists, I have chosen to torture the dog Boo-Boo........

Or Izzy.

Climbing out my friends.....climbing out.


Jennboree said...

The Pizza Pope is AWESOME! Those canned goods are gorgeous and your slayed dog and terror cat are adorable!

Got the stamp club mail! We'll be sending it out this week. Bella is excited!

Keep climbing, T. It is worth it.

Kiki said...

Glad the salad finally made it off the latest blog. Have I been helping you out?

Jodi said...

Bubby really does look "Pope like". And Izzy, well, he's just so darned cute!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

We all seem to be in that rabbit hole of late. Come out to play when you're ready. We'll be here waiting.