Monday, August 31, 2009


Izzy started first grade today. This is what he looked like two years ago on his first day of preschool.
You don't have to tell me he looked like that creepy Chucky doll. I know, I know. *shudder*
Now he's such a big boy with his spiderman shirt and socks to match. No more lobster shirts for this bad boy!
Leroy looked all clean cut and kind of tentative about third grade.
Now he's all growing his hair long and really can't bother with opening his eyes or smiling for 5th grade. He made it quite clear to me that the only thing that was cool about 5th grade is that he gets his own locker. Everything else "sucks" as Leroy put it.
Christian looks very little. Even in 4th grade he trying to look cool with his PSP in hand.By sixth grade, the kid has a moustache, hairy armpits, contacts and clearly looks like a "playa". Yah, he still thinks he's all cool and shit.

Tori looks so young and innocent for 6th grade. She's the only kid that loves school and would be happy to go all year long if she could.

What a change 2 years can make! Tori doesn't look thrilled (maybe because the bus picks her up at 7:08 am), but at least her shirt and shoes match. And hey look! She's got those skinny jeans on. You know, the ones that supposedly make people look gay?

My babies are growing up.


Candice said...

Aww, you have a bunch of cute kiddos for sure.

I love seeing the comparison to two years ago.

Man, they grow up quick!

Jodi said...

And you're still a GREAT mom!

kate said...

Love the idea of having them hold a sign saying what year they are entering. So fun to see the changes!

Carlos said...

great pics love the idea of a the comparison...