Monday, August 17, 2009


Why do some guys have to be such pricks sometimes? (Okay, women can be too, so don't think I'm just ragging on the men here but this particular story has to do with jerky men with too much testosterone.)

Izzy, MeMa (Izzy's Grandma) and myself did some school shopping this weekend. Izzy and I approached the kids dressing room in Dillard's while MeMa was looking for children's socks.

The dressing room was full so Izzy and I waited patiently for one to open up. As I held Izzy's hand, a child of about 9 or 10 came out of the dressing room while his parents were standing next to me. The little boy had on "skinny jeans" similar to the pair below.

Standing in the hallway mirror, the little boy exclaimed, "What do you think?" He had a proud look on his face. A smile that only comes from a little guy who is happy with himself and feels good about what he's wearing.

Dad: "God Hunter! Go take those off RIGHT NOW! I told you not to take those in to the dressing room.!"

Kid: "But Dad, I like them. I think they look good."

Me: "Well, they are the rage this year. See? I have a pair on. They are popular with boys and girls."

Dad: "He looks like a fag." I look down at Izzy's sweet face, I have to practice composure to teach a good example for my son. I must be able to get my point across without punching this guy square in the face.

Me: "Do I look like a fag sir?"

Dad: surprised "No. You're not a guy."

Me: "Does that mean I look like a dike?"

Dad: "God! Hunter! I told you to take those off RIGHT NOW!

Kid: "But Daaaaaaad!"

The man stomped off with his wife following. She never said a word and just let him berate his son in front of a total stranger. What kind of woman keeps their mouth shut when their husband is calling their son a fag? What kind of man does this? What happened to creativity and freedom of expression, individuality, tolerance and kindness?

As Izzy and I got in line to pay, the asshole with his wife and three boys ended up behind us in line. MeMa, having no idea what transpired minutes earlier, got out her sour mints from her purse and asked Izzy if he wanted one. Then MeMa turned around in line and offered the three boys behind her a mint as well. A simple and kind gesture.

If nothing else, a little boy saw a stranger stick up for him. For his right to express himself, for the wrongness of bigotry and to the kindness from strangers that can occur.

The chances of those three boys not ending up but carbon copies of their Father are slim. But we can hope for a break in the cycle can't we?


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

YIPEE!! You did the right thing T.
I think the question should be what kind of man uses the term fag?
Let alone to a young person. This is the same asshole that would be offended if you said "shit" in front of his kid I would imagine.

I hate people.

Carlos said...

good for you! people suck!

Jodi said...

Doesn't it just break your heart to see how some people treat their kids? I'm just like you, can't (and won't) keep quiet.

kate said...

Dad's a closet case. The men who are most threatened by homosexuality? Are the ones struggling with their own deamons.

That poor kid. I hope he grows up to be gay, just to spite his dumbshit redneck father.

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