Wednesday, April 29, 2009


that's me on the left...if you took a bicycle pump to my breasts

Leroy: "Mom? What's it called when girls are gay?
Me: "Lesbian."
Leroy: "You're a lesbian."
Me: "What makes you think so?"
Leroy: "Coz you are always kissing and hugging girls and telling them you love them."
Me: "Girls often show their emotions differently than boys Leroy. I often kiss and hug my friends because it shows them how much I like them as friends. It doesn't mean I'm gay. That would be weird if I were married to your Father if I were gay wouldn't it?"
Leroy: "You're still a Lesbian."
Sigh....what do you do? One male in the house thinks I'm a lesbian and another wishes I were a lesbian because that's every guys fantasy.
Cant win.


Jodi said...

Well I just don't know what to say about this...

tallulah said...

Lol! You speechless? That's funny!

john said...

i always find that so amusing. every straight man loves the idea of two lesbians going at it.

and yet, flip the coin. how many straight women want to watch two men get it on?

wicked bizarre!

Jodi said...

Yea, it's not often that I don't have something to say!

Candice said...

Bicycle pump!! HA

tallulah said...

John - It is strange isn't it?

Candice-Okay....maybe a super industrialized air pump from the garage might give me those babies!

Jennboree said...

Can I borrow that pump when you're done?

Straight men ARE wicked oh so many ways.

tallulah said...

You? Borrow that pump Jenn? Um...I think not. Not unless you want to be one of those grossly disfigured women on the porno films. Uh....not that there's anything wrong with that.

Jennboree said...

You kidding? After 4 years of breastfeeding 2 children, you'd think my reward would've been an awesome pair of boobs but NOOOOOOOOO. Flaunting flapjacks over here, baby.