Monday, April 13, 2009


As you may remember, Kiki and I are trying out something new every month.
*January - Spotted Dick
*February - February sucked the mighty one. Nothing new. No nothing.
*March - Making Cheese
I haven't shown you pictures of us making cheese. That's because making cheese is boring. Anyone who tells you making cheese is fascinating is full of shit.

Cheese Kit

Heat milk and watch. Add stuff. Watch some more.

Four 1/2 hours later. You get very soft Feta.

What does one do during the heating, adding stuff and watching of making cheese? Well one gets goofy of course!

After you get amped up on childish behavior, you can try your luck at Wii Fit Boxing.

Kiki is the one to play Wii with. She yells at the screen and gyrates and is nearly orgasmic with her screams. Kiki rocks at Wii Fit!

In March we had to get creative. After the near lobotomy experience of making cheese, you have to raise the bar..........

And boy! Kiki did sweat.


And guess what other new thing we tried?

Giant lizard penis's! No..just kidding. Deep fried okra sprinkled with salt. (a gift from Elle who purchased it deep in the South)

What new thing have you tried lately?


Kiki said...

HAH! All I can say is that these beat weekends from hell. Of course one has to drink wine while one is in the LOOONNNGGG process of making cheese....and just water with Mr. Slimmons.

Jodi said...

Hmmmmm. And you ate that?

Kristin said...

4.5 hours ugh, but was it tasty?

tallulah said...

Jodi - I would be glad to drop some by the Merc if you fancy? Kind of taste like french fried grass & green beans.

Jennboree said...

HELLO...the okra has to be deep fried in corn meal and salt must be dumped on it while still hot. Sheesh.

Boiled okra tastes like lizard penis probably should.

My husband's fave goofy thing to say is "I might like you betta if you ate some feta"

At least the girls think it is deliriously funny.

Now you need some good ol' roasted corn doused in butter and salt.


Jodi said...

No shit?! I LOVE french fried grass and green beans!

QueenOfRelationships said...

I saw "spotted dick", it totally got my attention! You look great!

Candice said...

I love how adventurous you are. There is no way I would try and make cheese, but I would be all over that spotted dick.

Then again, you weren't talking about Richard Simmons were you???