Monday, December 15, 2008


Bubby is all into introducing the kids to every childhood T.V. memory he has ever had. We have watched the Original Star Trek series, The Munsters and all the Kung-Fu movies. We are currently viewing all of The Beverly Hillbillies. Whether the kids are into the shows or not, Bubby sits them down and we watch them as a family. We are so cruel with our nostalgia.

Now Bubby wants to start purchasing some series for our collection since we are ridding our household of cable and will only have three channels. There seems to be some dispute.

Last week we were at Barnes and Noble. Bubby picked up the boxed series of Get Smart. I told Bubby I was never in to the Get Smart series. I thought they were pretty lame and boring. I told him that not only would he be torturing the children with that series, but torturing me as well. I then told him that my favorite series as a kid was The Brady Bunch.

Bubby got this serious look on his face and then said:

"I wish you would have told me this when we were dating." Then he promptly turned on his heels and walked away from me. Right there in Barnes and Noble!

Could this have been a deal breaker? Maybe so................

But then last week I asked Bubby to load a bunch of Christmas music on my Ipod for me. Guess what he surprised me with?

He loves me. He really loves me.


Mama Wheaton said...

Ok you two deserve each other, Get Smart and the Brady Bunch? What about BeWitch, Ironside, Hawaii Five-O?

jpogue said...

What the hell? He didn't like the Brady Bunch??? I thought that was everyone's favorite! I also loved "Sky King" when I was really little. Some of my other favoties: Daniel Boone, Family Affair, Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, Green Acres, Lost in Space, Mr. Ed, My Three Sons, and The Flying Nun. Oh! I can't forget Petticoat Junction and Gilligan's Island!

Shoot, this sounds like so much fun maybe we should consider getting rid of Dish and doing the same thing. Although, with all the shows I just mentioned, I could probably pay for Dish for 10 years for what it would cost to buy all thoses sets of DVDs...

tallulah said...

Wheaton, are right, we need to get the Bewitched series. Hawaii-5-0? bleck Ironside? never heard of it.

Liz Ditz said...

Man from Uncle. And I loved it when my daughter fell in love with Davy Crockett.

And (since I'm older than you) Bonanza! And I Spy (I recall it being really funny).

And the Addams Family -- I looooved Morticia.

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In -- I wonder how the humor would hold up.

tallulah said...

Liz - I'm an Addams Family kind of girl too. Bonanza was great!

Oh, and by the way....I left a comment on the Larry King website about celebrities and autism. Thanks for the heads up.

boisecommaidaho said...

Well if we're voting for our favorite shows I'm going to throw my vote in for Bewitched, Adams Family & Quincy. Also a little fun grandfather created the map and opening credits on Bonanza so I love that one too.

Jennboree said... sweet and so weird.

My Dad had the same torture techniques but with Lone Ranger (my brother is named after Clayton Moore) and Gunsmoke (my sister is named after Amanda Blake - Ms Kitty the Madam Whore), Bonanza, Green Acres, Andy Griffith and...hold on...THE THREE STOOGES.

Now he's set his sights on his grandchildren.

Brady Bunch is totally worthy of generational viewing. "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" "Poke chopsh n' appashaush."

Genius TV.