Friday, October 17, 2008


Do you know when life is getting you down and you just need a pick me up? You schedule an appointment with the hairdresser and vow that if you just had the right coif, that life would be all sunshine and rainbows again?



Today my friends, Izzy is having a very good day!

(And god, those eyebrows. They are just kinda Andy Rooney creepy aren't they?)


Mama Wheaton said...

Don't think Andy, think Brooke Shields. A new haircut always makes me feel much better. It is on my plan of things to do today. I need a lift, too.

Jennboree said...

I like that his eyebrows have a personality of their own. Rather fitting, don't you think?

Izzy IS having a good hair day! I'm hoping to have one soon.

Anonymous said...

Well there are BHDs and GHDs and now I think we need to think up a good term for eyebrows.....or as my youngest brother used to say "eyebrowns".