Thursday, July 31, 2008


Okay. Up until four years ago, Bubby and I lived in a variety of places. We always had lived in a place where you could park your car in your front yard if you wanted to. All the neighborhoods were nice enough, there were just no CC&R's telling you what you could and couldn't do on your property outside of your home. We have totally gone to the opposite extreme now. We moved here out in to, I mean Mayberry so that our kids could grow up in a picturesque place with an award-winning school a block away.
But really, how many neighborhoods across the U.S. are militant about their CC&R's? And how many are only militant to the very few that will not win any popularity contests? (i.e: me)

In addition to us not being allowed to have a trampoline (although we are surrounded by at least 20 other homes within a 5 block radius that do), our newsletter reminded us today that our cats must be leashed if they are outside.

Huh? That's right friends. There have been several complaints that cats have been up to their old nasty tricks again....hunting and eating birds. And we definitely don't want any birds dying in Mayberry. That could be seen as a bad thing.

The icing on the cake was when my husband overheard a couple down at our local mercantile the other night. I was listening to the band, Bubby was listening in on the latest CC&R Nasty-Grams that arrive on people's doorsteps. Want to know the crime?

Clover growing in their front yard.



Jennboree said...

Well, we live in Old People Mayberry so we get complaints about grass cuttings, dead plants, "riff-raff" (children) and anyone driving over 5 mph.

One new house had to remove the cylinder that did nothing on top of their modern home. That went all the way to court! The old people won. Can't trust em.

john said...

can someone explain what a CC&R is? never heard of that.

tallulah said...

Oh John! You must live in the metropolis city of Boston! Out here in "suberbia", we pay outrageous prices to live in a neighborhood called "association fees". This pays for all of the upkeep for pools, gyms, lawns, parks etc. In addition, that money goes to hire an outside company to come in and and make sure that we people of Mayberry are following the rules. The rules are the covenants and restricitons. They include things like having a certain amount of trees in your front yard, upkeep of your home blah, blah, blah. When we don't follow the CC&R bible, the outside company sends us nasty little notes. And then if you don't adhere to the rules, the money we pay in association fees is used to hire lawyers to sue us. Exhausting.

boisecommaidaho said...

OMG When I read that in the newsletter milk came out my nose (or it would have if I drank milk). Who are these people? I found out the other day the midget secretly writes tons of letters to the board on neighborhood violations. it all came out in a subpoena...yes, one of her neighbors is suing her.