Thursday, March 13, 2008


I try really hard to introduce my children to good food. The majority of it is what you would consider gourmet. Christian loves capers, Izzy will eat any seafood or blue cheese...even adob0 sauce. Tori is not picky at all and is a lover of food. Leroy, um......he's in a refried beans stage and pretty much denies everything else.
But my efforts are pretty much blown out of the water when Bubby fixes a meal.
Really. What could top a plate of Pigs in a Blanket stacked up in to a pyramid? Bubby was a hit and the kids may never eat Risotto with fresh rosemary again.
I hate that man.


Anonymous said...

At least the pigs in a blanket were served on a very expensive Bubany platter from Arizona!! Love those Pigs!!

The Analyzer said...

Davie-O does the same thing to me! He totally ruined everything the day I slept in and he gave them chocolate cake and Cheetos for breakfast.

Jennboree said...

Are those pigs or hogs? Dang...

My brother-in-law would just serve jalepeno poppers to his kids if he didn't think my sister would kill him.

john said...

my sister calls me on antics like this all the time!

as the uncle to an 11-year old, i'm lucky in getting to say things like: "what? you want chocolate milk and a corndog for breakfast? sure, why not!" when he i've watched him overnight for her.

T's Pink Gloves said...

Lol Yeah, being the Mommy bites sometimes! The other day Daddy brought Baby J home from his house saying something to the effect of "Man she loves corndogs! I don't know what the deal is with that but she might have issues!" Makes you wonder doesn't it, almost enough to stay together just for her digestional health! LOL ;)

Just back reading your post on the kids at the store seriously made me laugh out loud! Bravo!

Anonymous said...


The 1/2 is gone for me. 40 is in, but alas no grey or no sign of. Must be the sunny sky's of CA.

Love the pyramid.


tallulah said...

CA-glad to see you are alive and well in the sunny state. i'm sure you haven't changed a day since we were 17. email me at would love to catch up and see the latest pics of your family!

s@bd said...


welcome to my house.

only my husband is 'bubby' and he makes dinner four out of seven nights a week.