Sunday, March 09, 2008


Remember my neighbor Kiki's New Year's Resolution? To try a new food every month.
A couple of weeks ago, I took Izzy to preschool, made a batch of Margarita's and Kiki and I went to work on making tamales. Then I picked up Izzy from school and he decided to eat a bowl of shredded chicken. See below.....Here are the tamales steaming. We made Jesus chicken tamales with green sauce.

Izzy took this wonky picture of us.....
And see that beautiful smile on Kiki? She looks like that all of the time. She is the most positive person I know.

The final product!
The tamales were a little bland, and we didn't put enough masa (a.k.a: spackle) on the inside of the tamales, but the kids loved them....even with the green sauce and cilantro.
We had a lovely time making the tamales. This is definitely a food to make with kids or several friends or family members. One person spackles the corn husk, one fills it and one can fold up the tamale. It's great fun!
Next project: Homemade pasta: Ravioli's!

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