Monday, January 28, 2008


What is it with stay-at-home Mom's in Way Down In Mayberry? What is it with their clothing?
Here is a typical Mom that I see that drops their child off at preschool when I drop off Izzy....
1. Perfectly (square), french-manicured nails
2. Perfect makeup, applied delicately so as to not look like they have much more on than a splash of lip balm.
3. Perfect hair under a "Nike" nylon baseball cap.
4. Very expensive running pants, zip up hoodie, vest and running shoes.

Here's the kicker....same outfit when I pick Izzy up which leads me to believe that:
A. They are working out, taking a shower and changing back in to their clothes.
B. They are working out and not taking a shower and look exactly the same.
C. They are not working out and just enjoy the very expensive look of working out and are on their way to meet with their personal trainer after they take their kids home to their nanny.
D. They have no personal trainer, have no intention of working out and enjoy the current Way Down In Mayberry trend.

Which one do you think is the right answer?

Whatever it is totally getting on my nerves.
And really, this is my preference in a work-out outfit anyway...............


Jennboree said...

Thank God they are sitting on towels. Crack sweat is AWESOME.

I would venture to say it might be option D.

I'm lucky to get my hair in any ballcap along with some sweats that may or may not match my hoodie. But my mother says to ALWAYS put on lipstick, no matter what you are wearing.

Ha. She's funny like that.

Jennboree said...

Not to mention the Fumunda those guys might have too.


tallulah said...

Jenn-I never leave the house without lipstick. My hair may be sticking up and I may forget my pants but DAMN if my lips don't look good!

boisecommaidaho said...

Seriously! You go too far in your mocking. It takes a LOT of sweat and time to look that good. 2 hours for nails, 3 for the color weave-longer for extensions. And you have to be in good shape to be climbing in and out of your de riguer champagne colored urban assault vehicle 20 times a day. Whew! I'd be wearing sweats too.

tallulah said...

Boise-Our land of Mayberry is way too large for me to guess who you are...but girl, you are funny!