Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MY TIME, MY DAY (just not today)

Here's how I view Motherhood........

I give my kids 110% when they are in my presence.

When they are not home, I forget I even have children. My time, my day, my space.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 hours I forget I have children. This is the only time during the week when they are all gone.

Today is Wednesday. I am suppose to have 2 hours to engage in out of sight, out of mind. Instead I have this:

Who determines snow days for school anyway?


The Analyzer said...

Amen Sister! Here's the part that pisses me off: there hasn't been any new snow since the school bus dropped the kids off yesterday afternoon. What? You can drive them home in it, but you can't pick them up?

Jennboree said...

God. It is all God. He must be mad at you. Way to go.

MeesheMama said...

6 hours of childless bliss a week?

I'm as envious as a person can be right now.

(Sorry about your snow day.)