Monday, December 31, 2007


My New Year's Resolutions always suck.....or maybe I suck....I'm not sure. All I know is every year I become overzealous in my aspirations for a slate wiped clean, and then become disappointed when I can't live up to those standards.

My dear friend Kiki next door came up with a lovely New Year's Resolution that involves moi:

Each month we will try out some new food that we have always wanted to master. It may just be Kiki and I, or it may be a few other foodies that love drinking wine and getting together enjoying comfort and the art of food.

I think I will document each month with the recipe along with pictures of us fumbling through our cooking and get the whole thing bound through Shutterfly.

Doesn't it sound fabulous?

Our first month.......TAMALES!

This photo is a little wonky...Izzy snapped this shot!

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john said...

mmm - that sounds like a delicious resolution! can't wait to follow along for the year :)