Thursday, June 21, 2007


We have some runners in our family.....
If you haven't guessed....I'm not one of them. I couldn't run the 1/2 block to the corner without having an asthma attack. Running is boring. Really, if I stopped to think about it....all exercise is boring.

Here is a photo of Tori and Christian after completing the Children's Race. Look how thrilled Christian looks. Christian thinks he's a runner...but he's really not. Christian likes to pretend he's a runner. The only time I really saw Christian haul ass is when we lived in the Metropolis. There was a rumour that a really mean dog in the neighborhood ate a baby. One day, I walked outside just to see Christian rounding the corner running and screaming as fast as he could with the evil dog right at his heels!

No, my three runners are Tori, Bubby and our sweet dog Mistie. Mistie is 15 years old and can't wait to run with Bubby. It's what she has done her whole life and even though Mistie gets sore and sometimes can't even walk up our stairs after a run, she will live her last days running with Bubby.
Happy Love Thursday!

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Jennboree said...

I hate running too! I don't breathe right and nearly die trying.

LOL about Christian. Poor guy! But the visual is Will Ferrell worthy.

Very sweet about Mistie. A dog that truly loves to run, it probably brings her great joy and a heart full of love for Bubby.