Saturday, June 09, 2007


Izzy is somewhat of a misfit among the four-year old community in Way Down In Mayberry. Izzy would rather hang out with the adults and have a lively conversation about gardening than to play in the sand with his peers.

One of Izzy's favorite things to do is observe. He can people watch for hours and ask questions regarding why they look like they do and what they are doing. Izzy also loves to watch animals.
When we were in Tucson, one of his favorite things to do?
Watch The Dogs
Auntie Kay-Kay had one dog with a cone on it's head from a recent surgery and was babysitting a little rat-type dog. Here are two pictures to prove that this child would rather dog-watch than to run around the house and bonk in to furniture.

Izzy clearly needs a hobby.

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Jennboree said...

Maybe he'll be a vegetarian veterinarian who takes plants to nursing homes to brighten people's day?