Monday, June 18, 2007


This is a picture of Leroy with our cat, Pooh. Before we put Pooh on medication, he wasn't very friendly. Pooh would stay out all night scrapping with other cats and then during the day, Pooh would bring in every living creature he could find, kill or injure it, and then put the dainty little present on my pillow. After we put him on female hormones (no, really), Pooh became a nice little lap cat. Pooh wouldn't fight with other cats very often and the amount of dead things in the house had decreased greatly.

Well after last nights event, I will be surprised if Pooh doesn't end up missing..................

You see, Bubby discovered a baby bird on his studio balcony. This baby bird was just learning how to fly. He would take off and fly to a nearby tree and back again for practice. Then the baby bird would sleep on Bubby's balcony where it was warm and safe.

Last night Bubby watched the bird fly to the tree and then to the ground. Out of nowhere came our evil cat Pooh and snatched up Bubby's pet bird.

We may have to increase Pooh's meds............

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