Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes my fellow bloggers. I now have had the privilege of contracting whatever crap two of my kids brought home.

I have to say....I am miserable.

Bubby came home from work early yesterday to relieve me of my motherly duties. I got to eat chicken soup for dinner and watch a movie (Dark Water).

Now Bubby is back at work and I have a slew of errands and appointments that can't be cancelled. I hate being a sick Mom. It sucks.

Thank you MeMa for helping me run the kids to their appointments. You are always willing to help me.

*Despite your twisted humor, I will not be posting a picture of my sick-ass self on today's blog. Be reassured that I am sparing you torturous photos. I'm even scaring the pets.

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Jennboree said...

But a picture would make ME feel better.